Virtual Lessons with KK

We are excited to be able to offer more virtual lessons for our athletes.  We wanted to provide more opportunities to dive deeper into the game and really understand concepts of how to make the game work in your favor.  KK shared a lot of successes that he had with athletes in the previous selection of online lessons and so he is heading up the charge in the next round of virtual learning sessions. We are hoping to have more of our coaches join him as they too are working hard to come up with more lessons to teach. Below are the current classes that KK is holding and keep checking back for other classes by other coaches as these will become available

Also if there is a specific topic that you may be interested in learning more about or want to take a class but cant make the time please contact KK at and we can see if he can put something together for you.

These classes will be offered on their specific date and time until mid July.  The sessions are 40 minutes long and will hold 1-4 players.  To see a more detailed description of the lessons and to register for them click on the the links below.

These classes are open to any player from any club so bring a friend or a teammate and take advantage of this opportunity to work on things that we as coaches sometimes aren’t able to get to.


Libero IQ – Reading, positioning and spatial awareness. Mondays @ 10am

Setter IQ – Game flow and Playsets. Mondays @ 11am

Breaking down film – See what your coaches are seeing. Tuesday @ 10am

Hitter IQ – Understanding what shots are open and how set them up. Tuesday @ 11am

Blocking – Understanding blocking concepts and how use them.  Wednesday @ 10am

Setter Mindset – What it means to be a setter Wednesday @ 11am

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