Player Development Series

Player Development Series

Player Development Series(PDS) are additional specific skill set instructional nights included in club costs.  All players will have the opportunity to attend the following in season practices to enhance their skills with other coaches in the club.  These weekly mini camps are lead by the coaches from the club or guest coaches with specific skill sets.  During these practices players will have the chance to break down skills and game situations specific to their position.  This is unique to Iowa PowerPlex and is one of many perks the club offers.

DATES:TBD before season start- Run December- thru mid-February

EX. below

Setting skills-beginning basics all the way thru college prep with Crissy Nelson and Tina Miranda both All-American Setters with Collegiate coaching experience.

Setting: Crissy Nelson and Tina Miranda

Other skill nights will include, Blocking, Defense, Outside Hitters, Right side hitter, and Middle hitters. Key:  These are free to club members and will be addition to their regular scheduled practice.

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