Mini Skills Camps


Mini-Camp Fall All Skill Series: The 4 session monthly series will include all of the following skills, each week will be a different series.  Groups will max out at 12 players.

Cost: $119 for 4- 2 hour sessions

Who:  2nd-5th Boys and Girls

Dates/Times/Locations: Please pick one week day below, the 4 sessions will fall all month on ONLY that day of the week. Locations will be at SportsPlex Courts in Waukee and The U in Grimes:

September, October and November will offer daily options:  

Monday 1-3PM @ The U in Grimes

Tuesday 1-3PM @ Courts in Waukee

Thursday 1-3PM @ The U in Grimes

Friday 1-3PM @ SPW Courts in Waukee

Week 1: Attacker Mini-Series – Attacking series will focus on transition movement, work on arm swings, proper approaches, hitting angles and line, work on shots and overall hitting IQ.

Week 2: Setter Mini-Series – Setter series will focus on handwork, footwork, defense, understanding your court and players, reading the opponent, making smart decisions, running a strong offense and other mental IQ and hard work it takes to be a top setter.

Week 3: Defensive Mini-Series – Defensive series will include platform basics, footwork, transitions to defense, serving and serve receive, reading an attack or tip, and mental toughness and leadership required to be a defensive leader. Great for all players, ideal for Liberos and DS wanting to work on their serve receive and involvement in total game play, leadership and improving mental IQ.

Week 4: Offensive Mini-Series– Offensive series will focus on attacking, making smart game decisions, creating opportunities for hitters, transitions to attack and movement away from the ball, and how to read opponents. Ideal session for hitters and setters looking to connect and working on creating the most effective offense.

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