Explosion Camps (2nd-5th grades)

Summer Explosion – All Skills Camp

Campers entering 2nd-5th grades

Summer Explosion camp is a great way for kids to dive right into volleyball. Campers will be broken down by ability and age to allow better skill growth. They will learn fundamentals as well as be introduced to how skills are applied to the game. Over the course of 3 days campers will learn in many different settings. Rotations and break out sessions will start the days but game- like drills and competition games will be added in throughout the day. The goal of the camp is to help campers increase their knowledge and skill of the game while having fun and getting lots of touches on the ball. Cost $150. Cost includes lunch each day from either Mixed (box lunch) or Pizza.

Session 1: 
Summer Explosion- 3 day All-skills Camp

Dates: June 4-6th

Times: 9am-4pm

Costs: $150 (includes lunch each day)

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Add on a speciality camp or two!


Lovin’ It Camps Passing and Digging Camp– Campers will have the chance to work on passing footwork and platform work. The emphasis will be on becoming more consistent.

Dates: June 7th
Times: 9am-12pm

Cost: $30

Lovin’ It Camps Serving and Attacking– Serving is a large part of the game at this level and campers will be encouraged to over hand serve and continue adding speed and power to their serve. Attacking will be the second part focusing on arm-work and upper body use. Campers will use boxes and learn how to use correct form when attacking the ball.

Dates: June 7th
Times: 1pm-4pm

Cost: $30

*If your player would like to do both camps, there will be a 1 hour lunch where they can stay onsite, and eat a sack lunch (lunch not provided – please bring one from home).


Lovin’ It Camps Setting and Ball Control– Campers will working on footwork and handwork for setting. They will learn how to take a faster ball and slow it down to control their side of the court. Campers will get lots of touches on the ball to focus on how control the ball and help create options for their teams.

Dates: June 8th
Times: 9am-12pm

Cost: $30

Lovin’ It Camps MINI GAME CAMP- This camp will include all skills and be full on mini game like situations. Competitions will include relays, team and individual competitions meant to inspire and push the campers in a positive environment.

Dates: June 8th
Times: 1pm-4pm

Cost: $30

Package discount for the whole week: Which includes 3 Day all skills Summer Explosion Camp and add in all 4 Lovin’ it Camps below for $220

Session 2: 
Summer Explosion- A three day All-skills Camp

Who: 2nd-5th graders

Dates: July 9-11

July 9th All skills

July 10th- AM- passing/digging PM- Serving/Attacking

July 11th- AM-setting/ball control PM- Mini Game Camp

Time: 9am-4pm (lunch included all 3 days)

Cost: $150
For full camps and All in packages click here


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