Summer Excel (1st Grade-12th Grade)

S U M M E R   E X C E L


Due to the current COVID-19 situation Summer Excel is now offering individuals chance to hold their spot by placing a deposit.  This deposit will secure a spot in our very popular summer excel program.  The rest of the payment will be due on opening day.  Refunds will follow our COVID-19 disclaimer on our home page. 
All Summer Excel Players can secure their spot by placing a $75 deposit

Who can sign up for Summer Excel? 

This program is NOW available for anyone volleyball player in 1st – 12th grade. You do not have to be an Iowa PowerPlex Club member. USAV membership also NOT required. 

Why sign up for Summer Excel? 

Summer Excel is an exclusive program for young volleyball athletes wanting to work on their skills over the summer. With Summer Excel, you have access to our talented coaching staff as well as select college coaches in the Midwest. Instead of driving all over and paying a fortune to learn from these coaches let us bring them to you!! The goal of the Summer Excel is to give these young athletes the best chance possible to develop higher skills and knowledge through our coaching staff, new techniques and college coaches help. As a key component to the growth of our players, the Summer Excel program will run during the months of May, June and July and is designed to allow your athlete to participate in skill specific sessions, collegiate coach nights, a kick-off camp and a local college camp!  There are several ways to participate within our Summer Excel program and we look forward to these young athletes continuing to grow in skill and knowledge of volleyball. 

There are three different divisions available – Junior Summer Excel, Summer Excel and Summer Excel Plus 

Please see below to see the differences in these programs. Should you have any questions, please email: or

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If you are only looking for camp opportunities, please take a look at our camps listed below.

KICK OFF CAMP:  This is a two-day camp for 5th-12th graders that will be run by amazing coaches in the Midwest. It will include and indoor session and a beach session this year. The last few years we had an outstanding camp led by coaches from Wisconsin, Iowa, UNO, SDSU, Indian Hills, UMKC, Creighton and Drake and we had a packed gym with a ton of talent. If you want to improve your volleyball skills and learn from the best, be sure to sign up for Summer Excel or the Kick Off Camp to reserve your spot. Due to popularity the last few years, we will have to cap this camp in 2020! (Kick Off Camp cost alone $250). May 30 & 31, 2020. RESCHEDULED to July 11th and 12th due to COVID_19 2020

LOCAL COLLEGE CAMP:  This is a one-day camp available for 1st-12th graders coached by local Iowa volleyball coaches. We love working with our native coaches and know that they will bring a lot of fun and energy to this NEW camp opportunity. This camp will be split up by age groups and will include one session per age group. If you want to attend this camp to see some of your favorite coaches and improve your volleyball skills be sure to sign up for Summer Excel or the Local College Camp to reserve your spot! (Local College Camp alone is $80 or $120 depending on grade level). June 27, 2020.


Register for Summer Excel HERE!

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