About The Iowa PowerPlex Volleyball Club


Iowa PowerPlex Volleyball Club is Iowa’s premier volleyball organization for amateur volleyball players in Iowa. Established in 2008 PowerPlex is a club devoted to the development of not only the volleyball player but the athlete in general.  A combination of skills and athletic development give the athlete the right avenues to succeed.  Members of Iowa PowerPlex will receive the best in coaching, the finest professional philosophy, the best strength/ speed coaches and state of the art training facilities. The members will receive instruction from coaches who have played, coached, evaluated and developed at the highest levels of athletics.  As Iowa PowerPlex players continue in the program, by age 17 and 18, Iowa PowerPlex teams historically have put the best teams on the court.  Development is at the core of the PowerPlex program and provides teams from the various levels of play.

The teams will compete locally, regionally and nationally in competitive volleyball tournaments.  Since the formation of PowerPlex in 2008, PowerPlex volleyball is changing the way we view amateur volleyball.  First class and always professional, PowerPlex volleyball understands youth development and the importance of not just succeeding now, but getting better from day to day and year to year.


The teams are organized and ran though SportsPlex West an indoor sports and recreation complex, located in the Westgate Business Park in Waukee, Iowa (in the Des Moines area) which is located on Alice’s Road between Hickman Road and University Avenue.  Family owned and operated by Co-owners, Pat Yacinich and Mike Mahoney, Sportsplex is now Central Iowa’s true destination for youth training.  This location has easy access and enjoys the smallest geographical barrier (that of distance) to the target family demographic and prospective users of the new facility.  Further, Waukee is an inviting, growing area. Not only will services be targeted at both the serious, competitive athlete and the weekend recreational athlete, but will provide a venue to house the best training, indoor practice and league play in the market.  Training, practice and league play will be youth focused. SportsPlex West will offer an unmatched level of customer service and personal attention to its patrons.

When considering the area’s participation in youth sports and the lack of year around practice facilities in the market (including the closure of playing fields to practice time), it was apparent that a need is rising.  The SportsPlex West project is designed to address this need and provide a source for individuals and families looking for services to supplement athletic enhancement development for themselves and /or their children in a variety of sport.  The natural direction of such a facility is to offer training, practice area and time, as well as an opportunity for competition.  Currently, there is no other facility in Central Iowa that can match the planned variety of activities and programs to this audience.

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